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Share your story with the world. Partner up with Universal Book Writers to avail exceptional ghostwriting services.


Publish Stories You Can Embrace With Pride

Leverage Universal Book Writers’ affordable ghostwriting services to establish authority as an author. Your idea and our expertise can make your work stand out for all the right reasons!

  • Smooth Transitions

    Our book writers in the USA plan out the content to ensure consistency in writing. We make sure all the chapters follow a smooth transition to engage the reader.

  • Methodological Strategy

    Universal Book Writers provides complete ghostwriting solutions. We have professional writers with a background in writing engaging books in all genres.

  • Genre-Based Writing

    We don’t just write; we immerse the reader into your book. Our ghostwriting services perfect all book components to fascinate your audience.

  • Captivating Narrations

    The narration of a story determines its success. We tell your story in the most captivating manner to get your reader hooked until the end.


The Best Ghostwriting Services Offer Dimensions

  • Fiction

    Create stellar works of fiction with imaginative ghostwriters. Let us paint your idea with striking wordings and excellent structures.

  • Non-Fiction

    Share your knowledge with factual, research-infused non-fiction books. Search ‘ghostwriters near me’ and partner up with the best.

  • Memoir

    The lessons you have learned in life are valuable. Our professional book writers in the USA will be honored to help you pass them on.

  • Informative

    Establish your expertise on a specific subject matter by getting research-based books written by our universal writers in the USA.

  • Biography

    Our biography writing service studies news pieces, articles, and other published works to create an informative biography on a figure of your choice.

  • Auto-Biography

    Share your achievements with the world with talented ghostwriters by your side. We can help you express your life story to the world.


Our Process

Universal Book Writers follows a structured process to handle every project. Our agile methods empower us to employ a proactive approach to meeting your delivery and marketing needs.

Initial Consultation

We encourage you to be vocal about your requirements. The more information you provide, the more tailored your book can be.

Curating A Draft

Our experienced ghostwriters frame the draft by combining ingenious ideas, skilled writing abilities, and complimenting illustrations.

Editing and Proofreading

Our professional editors carry out line editing for each project to eliminate all types of structural, spelling, and syntax errors.

Client Approval

Your happiness with the work is the most important factor. You can review our final draft and request revisions- if required.


When you are fully content with our work, we publish your book on Amazon Kindle, Lulu, Apple Books, and other top platforms.

Strategy Creation

Our ghostwriting services also cover book marketing. Our teams devise a marketing plan and share it with you for your approval.

Pre-Launch Marketing

Our pre-launch marketing plan is aimed to fosters a hype around your book to encourage purchases at the time of the launch.

Post-Launch Campaign

The post-launch campaign builds a fan base. Our experts leverage SEO, SMM, and content marketing to boost engagement.

Our Portfolio

Harness The Opportunity to Be Ranked Among the Best. Review Our Portfolio.


What Our Clients Have to Say

Still unsure about our work? Don’t just take our word. Take a look at what our clients have to say!


Alistair Jackson

We hired Universal Book Writers to write my memoir. I have spent years working as a data scientist, so the lingo was quite scientific and I was worried the writer will not be able to capture the essence of what I wanted to achieve. But the teams consulted with me and conducted their own research as well to understand the nuances to make the memoir genuine and true to my work. I will totally recommend them.


Janet Kansans

When I hire a ghostwriting service, I want the writer to step into my shoes and narrate the story from my perspective. Universal Book Writers do just that. Their teams questioned me intensively on subjects about my book to get a detailed insight of what I wanted. By gathering this information, they were able to write a book that conveyed my voice and my message. I am truly impressed with their services and I will return to this service for my next book.


Jackson Moore

Universal Book Writers has always been my go-to ghostwriting service. Whenever I need to get my book written or edited, I always rely on their professional writers to get the job done on time. The teams understand the approach I want to take with the book and they stick to m y requirements. If they have an idea to improve the storyline, they suggest it and implement it only after I give my approval. I have had a great experience working with Universal Book Writers.


Alison Trotter

Working with Universal Book Writers was a positive experience. The teams understood the assignment and provided me with chapters on a weekly basis. This way, I could track the content and request changes, even though there weren’t many. The book was completed on time and I was pleased with the end result. I recommend every new author to work with this company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you resolve all your queries. Here are some of our commonly asked questions.

How much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?

The cost of a ghostwriter depends on your project. However, Universal Book Writers offers multiple price packages that you can choose from. We offer flexible rates, which are devised in accordance with the services offered.

Is hiring a ghostwriter worth it?

Yes. Ghostwriters handle all your writing needs. The writer helps you narrate your idea by focusing on language, syntax, and sentence structure. Ghostwriters take care of the technical and creative aspects of writing, adding professionalism to the overall book. Additionally, ghostwriters can tailor the content to meet your individual needs.

How can I hire a ghostwriter for cheap?

Universal Book Writers has a panel of in-house writers. Since we are a ghostwriting agency, we are able to offer affordable rates in exchange for professionally written and high-quality books.

How to hire a ghostwriter?

You can hire a professional ghostwriter by visiting Universal Book Writers. Just tell us the requirements for your project and we will handle everything from there onwards.

How do I know If I need a ghostwriter?

If you have an idea for a story and you want to get it written and published, a ghostwriter is all you need. Ghostwriting services take care of book writing, editing, and designing to relieve you of any additional responsibility. You can simply come in with a vision and see it come to life with Universal Book Writers.

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